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Big Data & Analytics

What It Is

How We Do It

Staff Augmentation/ Extended Team

MylMas sets up a team of experts, functional specialists, data experts, data scientists and software engineers in your office or our offices, and you manage the deliverables by using the team

Managed Teams

We not only setup the team, but also manage the delivery responsibilities

Project Delivery

Just tell us what needs to be achieved, and we deliver on a pre agreed price and Schedule.

The digital enterprise of today collects rich data on its interactions with its customers, vendors, and partners. The data is ingested through regular internal and external, example social media pages and interactions.

Companies can leverage this data to establish a competitive advantage by mastering the ability to capture, analyze and understand data in context, and channeling this to make superior business decisions. By querying data, enterprises can extract comprehensive insights into customers and business trends, and formulate smarter business strategies.

What We Offer

Big Data & Analytics Strategy

  • Analytics Strategy

  • Data Strategy

  • Data Integration Strategy

  • Data Visualization Strategy

Data Cleaning & Integration

  • Merge Data Sets.

  • Rebuild Missing Data

  • De- duplication of Data

  • Data Standarization and Normalization

  • Data Validation

  • Data Verification and Enrichment

  • Data Enhancement

Data Engineering

  • Enterprise Data Architecture

  • Data Migration and Integration

  • Data Quality and Governance

  • Master Data Management

  • Meta Data Management

Data Visualisation

  • Dashboards

  • Mobile Business Intelligence

  • Self Service Capabilities

  • Data Discovery

  • Interactive Data Visualisation

Product Engineering

What It Is

MylMas is enabling product divisions of leading industry players with core engineering talent and technical expertise for 3+ projects across five industrial verticals. Our engineering services straddle the entire product life development lifecycle with the right talent to drive product ideation, design, development and sustenance.

We leverages the focused hardware and embedded expertise it employs to provide services ranging from VLSI Design to Telecommunications & IoT.

Our deep expertise allows us to expertise to acquire ownership based projects and dedicated customer Offshore development Center's.

What We Offer

Embedded Software:

Platform Bring-Up

  • Board Bring-Up

  • OS Porting

  • Device Drivers

  • Boot Loaders, Board Support Packages

  • Network Support Packages

  • Wireless Connectivity

  • Kernel Modules

Graphics & Multimedia

  • Graphics Framework

  • Display Technologies

  • MultiMedia Framework Development

  • HW Codec Integration/Optimization for MM Framework

BIOS & Firmware

  • BIOS, UEFI Development

  • Device Drivers for Multiple OS Flavors

  • IPC Layer Development

  • Firmware Development


  • Platform Enhancements

  • TCP/IP Enhancements at L3/L4 Layers

Digital Transformation

Legacy Modernisation

  • Application Modernisation

  • Cloud

  • Social

  • Mobility

What It Is

Our Digital transformation services help our clients in building always on and contextually aware products and services that dramatically improve operational efficiencies and stakeholder satisfaction.

Digital Transformation helps enterprises:

  • Deliver high touch convergent experiences that are human, insightful and data driven.

  • Amplify efficiency and boost revenue from operations

  • Empower employees and boost workforce productivity and drive innovation

  • Reduce costs and risks with informed decision making.

Rapid Prototyping

  • Idea to Prototype

  • Share Vision and Opportunities

  • Gather feedback, adapt, build, test and deploy solutions

  • Identify the Best -of -Breed concepts

Digital Experiences

  • Digital Omni Channel Experience

  • IOT, Analytics and Mobility to improve customer Experience

  • Customer Journey on Path to Purchase

Digital Enabled Experiences

  • Application Development & Maintenance

  • Enterprise Digital Architecture

  • Portal and Content Management

  • Product Information Management

What We Offer

Machine Learning

What It Is

Global AI and ML Software revenues are expected to grow to $39B by 2025. Businesses would be entirely transferred by advances in the following technologies including:

  • Machine Learning(ML)

  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)

  • Computer Vision

  • Machine Reasoning

  • Strong AI

  • Deep Learning

Glimpse of future are already visible in trials of self driving cars by Tesla and google, face unlock by Apple and face recognition in photos by Facebook.

What We Offer


MylMas offers Comprehensive chatbot development services.

Chatbots can be incorporated into:

  1. Mobile Apps

  2. Websites

  3. Social Media

MylMas has experience in building chatbots on the following platforms

  • WIT.Ai (Facebook's free chat BOT engine platform)

  • API.Ai (Google's conversational user experience platform)

  • Kik codes

  • Pandorabots

Deep Learning based Predictive Analysis:

Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, businesses can optimize and uncover new statistical patterns which form the backbone of predictive analytics. Neural networks based computing frameworks are playing critical role in Predictive analysis.

Neural networks can be used to solve some interesting business problems in an everyday life. For example, a model of neural network for a mortgage lender can be built using training data set and using inputs such as age, income, current debt, education, credit score etc. that predicts debtor risks.

Our experts can work with you to build neural networks based predictive analytics models to accurately predict business or transaction outcomes.

Content Recommendation Engines

Competition in online selling sites has never been as fierce as it is now Customers spend more money across all the providers, but they spend less per retailer. The average size of a single cart has decreased, partly due to the fact that competition is just one click away. Offering relevant recommendations to potential customers can play a central role in converting shoppers to buyers and growing average order size.

Online buying example above is also relevant in other industries example buying a flight ticket, booking a car or hotel.

MylMas can help your enterprise build a product/ content recommendation engine based on your business needs.